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Project Brandkenstein: A marketing madman's ecommerce journey to $100,000 in sales begins

"It's alive!" Project Brandkenstein fuses branding/growth marketing into one newsletter and shares my journey to building an ecom brand from scratch

What is project brandkenstein?

Brandkenstein is my journey to build a DTC ecommerce fashion brand from 0-$100,000 (sales) + keep you clued up on branding/growth strategy news. 

Brandkenstein newsletter by Hassan Ud-deen

There’ll be no “armchair” theory here. And no flexing of simplistic BS “formulas” scraped from the top 10 posts on Google.

It's all action—practical strategies and experiments based on what I'm seeing as an ecom startup founder & marketer with over a decade of experience in growth-oriented branding strategy. 

Hence the term: “Brandkenstein”…

You’ll get a glimpse into the good, bad, and ugly fugly rollercoaster ride of a first-time founder who’s redlining his skills.

Sign up for the newsletter to get regular updates on:  

1: Project Brandkenstein—me publicly using the power of brand & putting my skills to the ultimate test: building a DTC fashion ecommerce brand from scratch (scary shiz!). The target: $100,000k in gross sales.

2: Analysis on what's working in the world of branding, growth, and marketing. All personally curated & painstakingly contemplated by the neurons of yours truly…

Subscribe to get a bi-weekly, one-of-a-kind, newsletter:

  • End of the month email: you'll get a live update on how the DTC ecom brand is growing as well as my top failures, successes, and wins. 

  • Mid-month email: curated analysis of the top trends and news related to driving brand and revenue growth. I’ll also answer the top questions you ask :).

Note: First edition launches on my birthday: 2nd Feb 2024.

Who le fudge am I?!

I lead the content marketing team at Hack The Box, where I’ve driven over a 211% increase in page 1 keywords and more than doubled revenue associated with content marketing. 

My marketing journey got off to a rather “rocky” start in 2012—by rocky I mean I had to lie about having a job at one point—while I grappled with self-teaching myself marketing and writing on the internet.

TLDR: since then I’ve since worked on harnessing the power of brand and content marketing for brands like Semrush, Quickbooks, Totara Learning, AppSumo, Conversion XL, and Leadfeeder.

Learn more about me and my freelance content strategy offerings.
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